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Copyright protection operates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If your idea is original, and reduced to ‘tangible format’, it may be protected by copyright.

How do you prove this?

Upload a copy of your work to our database and you will be issued with a time and date stamped certificate which reflects the time of creation of your work.

You retain full rights to your work. We only keep a copy in order to assist you should the time of creation of the work be disputed.

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Have you heard of 'Creative Commons'? South Africa forms part of a group of countries party to various treaties aimed at offering protection to works regardless of where the work originates. Learn how you can use your work and the rights you have to your work to share your ideas without fear of being copied. Learn how to make money off the distribution of your work.

Learn the important concepts of authorship versus ownership of the work. Where do you fit in the process of earning royalties? What is publishing a work and what good is it?

These are questions that a manager of rights can answer. Can you?

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Copyright law is a field of intellectual property law that applies directly to the art industry. Whether you are in the business of making films, composing music, illustration, creating works or managing the creation of works, copyright law can either be an obstacle or an asset.

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